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I’ll show you how you can cultivate more confidence, balance and Joy in your style, life and business…

Samantha Hannah 2015

I’ve created this space for women I call Sophisticated Bohemian’s who are…

Filled with contradiction
Unique soul’s with big dreams.
She has a passion for travel, fine wine + great food.
She’s hustler with heart
Who relishes peace.
She desire’s gorgeous style, design + beautiful things
Yet is equally at home with vintage treats.
A seeker of freedom
Who tries to balance it all
Green smoothies + cocktails, work, family & fun.
She’s Chanel + Yoga
Diamonds + Crystals
She’s hungry for knowledge, good health & happiness.
She’s a Sophisticated Bohemian.

At the heart of it all Whether I’m talking about personal style, mindfulness, actioning goals or personal branding, The thing I’m most passionate about is nurturing and Empowering individuality, Creative Thinking and love.
I want women to believe in themselves and know that they’re worthy of standing out for who they truly are.

“​It’s hard to break lifelong habits but with the tools, activities and support Samantha gives you it is possible. And it feels great to be on the right path! Success means something different for everyone but for me success is being on the path to achieving worthwhile dreams. Samantha helps make your dreams and desires a reality. I highly recommend working with her”. Elizabeth Marshell